Who is NAEDA?

The National American Eskimo Dog Association welcomes you to our website! The NAEDA was formed to encourage and promote the breeding of superior purebred American Eskimos, as recognized by the registering body with which it is associated – the United Kennel Club, Inc. of Kalamazoo, MI. NAEDA encourages its members … Continue reading Who is NAEDA?

1970- NAEDA First UKC Show

This was in the March-April 1970 issue of Bloodlines. A bit hard to ready (copy of a copy) Was anyone you know there?

1969 NAEDA First Meeting

The National American Eskimo Association was planned and formed by John L. Wilson, President, with the assistance of Dr. E.G. Fuhram, President of United Kennel Club, Inc. It is a non-profit corporation with a charter issued by the state of Missouri. The first meeting was held November 8, 1969 from … Continue reading 1969 NAEDA First Meeting

2021 Officers

The Board of Directors consist of the officers of the Association, the President (or his designee) of each Member Associations and Past Presidents of the Association. The Past Presidents of the Association are advisory directors only, with no rights to vote. President Diana AllenEdinburth, IN Vice President Tina WilemonWaxahacie, … Continue reading 2021 Officers

NAEDA Background (1981)

BACKGROUND OF THE NATIONAL AMERICAN ESKIMO DOG ASSOCIATION The National American Eski:no Dqg Association was started by Mr. John L. Wilson and his group in Desoto, Missouri. The first meeting was held in November of 1969, and the first National American Eskimo Dog Show was held in May of 1970, … Continue reading NAEDA Background (1981)

Policies / By-Laws

NAEDA Membership FAQs

There shall be four (4) types of membership: NAEDA Affiliated Associations. Open to all United States of America and Canadian United Kennel Club Inc. American Eskimo Dog Associations upon approval of their By-Laws by the United Kennel Club Inc. and the NAEDA Board Of Directors. The responsibilities of NAEDA Affiliated Associations are contained in Article … Continue reading NAEDA Membership FAQs


NATIONAL AMERICAN ESKIMO DOG ASSOCIATION BY-LAWS (Modified October 2008) ARTICLE I A. This organization shall be known as the “National American Eskimo Dog Association, Incorporated,” which may by referred to as NAEDA. ARTICLE II OBJECTIVES AND PURPOSES SECTION 1 A. To encourage and promote the breeding of a better and finer purebred American Eskimo Dog, … Continue reading ByLaws


NATIONAL AMERICAN ESKIMO DOG ASSOCIATION POLICIES As ratified October 17, 2020 1.       Election ballots shall state that candidates will be listed in alphabetical order.  Statement of such to be typed at the top of each ballot.  (10/18/03) 2.       Date of accepted Policies to be included in parenthesis () after each Policy for record and revive … Continue reading Policies

Meeting Minutes

General Meeting 2020

General Membership Meeting Minutes, 10/17/2020 NORMAN, OKLAHOMA Meeting called to order at 2:45 p.m. by Debbie MitchellOfficers present: Debbie Mitchell, Shane Groves, Susan De La Paz, Michelle Fitch TREASUER’S REPORT – SHANE GROVES Operating account is approximately $17,000 prior to income and expenses … Continue reading General Meeting 2020

General Meeting – 2019

Regular Membership Meeting called to order at 5:46pm.  Quorum was established with 19 members present for the meeting. Seating of officers.  There were no ballots mailed out as everyone was running unopposed.  · Diana Allen – President, · Heidi Scheff – Vice President, · Renee Strong, … Continue reading General Meeting – 2019

General Meeting – 2018

General Membership Meeting Minutes – October 23, 2018Regular Membership Meeting was called to order at 4pm. Quorum was established with 20 members present for the meeting.SECRETARY’S REPORT – Published in the newsletter.TREASURER’S REPORT- Approximately $17,000 is in the operating account. REPORT OF OFFICERS … Continue reading General Meeting – 2018

General Meeting – 2017

General Membership Meeting Minutes – October 26, 2017Regular Membership Meeting was called to order at 3:05pm with the counting of the ballots. The Meeting actually started at 4pm.75 ballots were counted and processed. By-Law change passed with 66 yes, 3 no, 6 ab-stain. … Continue reading General Meeting – 2017

General Meeting – 2016

General Membership Meeting Minutes – October 22, 2016Regular Membership Meeting was called to order at 3:08 pm by Vice President Heidi Sheff.NO Quorum was established (only had 11 people attend)Secretary report – was pushed to the Board of Director meeting for approval.Treasurer report … Continue reading General Meeting – 2016