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UKC Top Ten Standings – Dec 2019

Posted January 31, 2020, for events through December 31, 2019 01. EGCH'PR'Fissan's Sign O' The TimesCarol A Nassif10702. EGCH'PR'Emerald City Midnight HourKris E Oliversen7403. EGCH'PR'Trinity's Amazing GraceLinda Wheatley7304. EGCH'PR'Fissan's You Got The Look SPOTLorraine Uthke, David Distel6105. NBOB NGRCH EGCH'PR'Ah's Siriusdrms Saratoga PassageDenise Randall Miller Or Robert A Miller5705. UFA EGCH'PR'Maremar's Fuji Blaise SPOTLorraine Uthke, … Continue reading UKC Top Ten Standings – Dec 2019

UKC UKC’s emphasis on the owner-handler-breeder and their dogs creates an inclusive, fun, and educational environment. Our comprehensive event opportunities highlight dogs’ instinct and heritage while encouraging the human-canine bond. Amiable competition lends integrity to all UKC titles and degrees, furthering the virtue of every UKC pedigree. Through our registry services, performance and hunting events, … Continue reading UKC