2020 Nationals Galleries

Lieben Photography These photographs were taken by Sarah Sanchez. Please contact her if your wish to own/use any of these and would like the full resolution images. Sarah also took our show's Winner photos. Please contact her if you haven't received yours yet. https://www.facebook.com/LiebenPhotography/ Linda WheatleySherrii Schreiner with DutchDebbie Mitchel with KenizeEileen Kortemeier More Saturday … Continue reading 2020 Nationals Galleries

General Meeting – 2019

Regular Membership Meeting called to order at 5:46pm.  Quorum was established with 19 members present for the meeting. Seating of officers.  There were no ballots mailed out as everyone was running unopposed.  · Diana Allen – President, · Heidi Scheff – Vice President, · Renee Strong, Secretary, · Debra Mitchell – Corresponding Secretary, · Shane Groves, Treasurer, · Susan DeLaPaz – … Continue reading General Meeting – 2019

General Meeting – 2018

General Membership Meeting Minutes - October 23, 2018Regular Membership Meeting was called to order at 4pm. Quorum was established with 20 members present for the meeting.SECRETARY’S REPORT – Published in the newsletter.TREASURER’S REPORT- Approximately $17,000 is in the operating account. REPORT OF OFFICERS Vice President – Heidi Scheff thanked the Finger Lakes AEDA for hosting … Continue reading General Meeting – 2018