American Eskimo Standards

UKC Breed Education Presentation

The UKC Breed Education file – updated 2015 by Diana Allen General Appearance First Impression – The American Eskimo is a well balanced typical model of a working type Nordic/ Spitz dog.…

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Open the UKC Stud Books

On, Thursday, October 24, 2019 during the General Membership Meeting. Open the Stud Books was a topic discussion. After a lengthy conversation, an agreement was motioned, seconded, and passed by all that…

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Official United Kennel Club Breed Standard

(Revised October 1, 2013)©1989, United Kennel Club, Inc  The goals and purposes of this breed standard include: to furnish guidelines for breeders who wish to maintain the quality of their breed and…

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American Eskimo History

NAEDA Titleist Pre-2000

This is the very first N.A.E.D.A. handbook of titleists. It celebrates the achievements of those dogs that earned any UKC title prior to the year 2000. Some of the dogs herein are the veryfoundations of…

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The American Eskimo: That Great Breed

This article, written by Chauncey Bennett, was. reprinted in BLOODLINES, December, 1945 from articles which appeared in the late ’20’s. ( As printed in NAEDA 2010 Winter Newsletter ) In writing on this breed let…

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History – Eskie Essence and Instincts

By Diana L. Allenreprinted with permission from author The American Eskimo dog…. What is it? What are its natural instincts? What was the breed originally bred to do? What is it that sets AED apart…

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