2020 Fall Newsletter

In this Issue: Why is it So Hard to Find an Eskie? by Vada BrinckHow Did I Become a Show Dad? by David DistelThere's Nothing Like the First Time by Tammy WaldropRequirements for Obtaining the American Eskimo License by Renee StrongCover: 'Einstein' Sierra's Forward Momentum, Sierra® American Eskimos, Joe and Diana Allen fall-naeda-newsletter-2020-finalv5Download

BreedBred – Standard American Eskimo Preliminary Report

American Eskimo Dogs recently received their preliminary genetic diversity report from UC Davis. In it, it was found that the Standard American Eskimo size variety has higher levels of inbreeding and a genetic bottleneck as compared to the smaller varieties of Toys and Minis. In the following video, they go through using BetterBred’s tools to … Continue reading BreedBred – Standard American Eskimo Preliminary Report

Treating Cushing’s Disease In Your Dog

Hyperadrenocorticism Ron Hines DVM PhD (Published 2007 Fall Newsletter) Cushing's syndrome is a disease with very distinct clinical signs in your pet. It is also called hyperadrenocorticism. Two small glands, the adrenal glands, that lay just ahead of your dog's kidneys are responsible for this problem. When these glands over-produce the hormones, cortisones,hyperadrenocorticism results. All … Continue reading Treating Cushing’s Disease In Your Dog

2001 Summer Newsletter

2001-summer-newsletterDownload In this Issue: NAEDA Fall National announcement. NAEDA Officers. Letters from the Officers. Treasurer's Report 5/21/01. An Update from the Genetics Committee. 2001 Spring General Membership Meeting Minutes, Westminster, Maryland - May 23, 2001. Award of Merit & Award of Merit Excellent Plaque Recipients. Date of Remember. Letter - Mr. Richard "Rowdy" Yates who … Continue reading 2001 Summer Newsletter

2000 Fall Newsletter

2000-fall-newsletterDownload In this Issue: Grand Champion 'PR' Sierra's Shakespeare Captures National Grand Champion Title! (cover) Our NAEDA Officers Letters from the NAEDA Officers Treasurer's Report November 12, 2000 2000 FALL GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING MINUTES, Agawam, Massachusetts - October 14, 2000 Minutes of fall 2000 Board of Directors Meeting, Agawam, Massachusetts, October 14, 2000 An Update … Continue reading 2000 Fall Newsletter