Breed History

NAEDA Titleist Pre-2000

This is the very first N.A.E.D.A. handbook of titleists. It celebrates the achievements of those dogs that earned any UKC title prior to the year 2000. Some of the dogs herein are the veryfoundations of our modern Eskies. The book was scanned into a reachable PDF. 200 Pages. (From the archives of Cindy Goetz )

2015 Current and Historical Top Producing American Eskimo Males

Current and Historical Top Producing American Eskimo Males Current – The Current Top Producers list was compiled by the United Kennel Club using all data for progeny of these males whelped on or after January 1, 2006, and for that progeny’s UKC titles earned and processed from January 1, 2006 through January 12, 2015. 1. GRCH … Continue reading 2015 Current and Historical Top Producing American Eskimo Males


Purina Pro Club

NAEDA supports the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation through our Donor Advised Fund. PPCPP Contributions are a way to contribution. Why not join and add your support too? There is no cost to you. When you choose to participate, Purina will donate 10 percent of the value of the Purina Points you earn – … Continue reading Purina Pro Club

Treating Cushing’s Disease In Your Dog

Hyperadrenocorticism Ron Hines DVM PhD (Published 2007 Fall Newsletter) Cushing’s syndrome is a disease with very distinct clinical signs in your pet. It is also called hyperadrenocorticism. Two small glands, the adrenal glands, that lay just ahead of your dog’s kidneys are responsible for this problem. When these glands over-produce the hormones, cortisones,hyperadrenocorticism results. All … Continue reading Treating Cushing’s Disease In Your Dog

Symptoms of Liver Cancer in a Dog – A Matter of Keen Observation

By Tess Thompson (from 2007 Winter Newsletter) The liver is a multifunctional organ in the body. It is involved in practically all the biochemical processes that go on in a healthy body. It transfers food into energy, detoxifies waste materials, synthesizes proteins and also serves as a blood reservoir. It is natural for any disorder … Continue reading Symptoms of Liver Cancer in a Dog – A Matter of Keen Observation

Understanding Diabetes

Amongst the hundreds of research studies currently out there it is still difficult to pinpoint the root cause for such an obscure disease. For now, there is no cure and no sound conclusive analytical models that can be utilized to defend.

Rescue Efforts

This web site does not endorse any individual rescue organizations. All rescue referrals and request should be directed to NAEDA’s Rescue Coordinator. For information please contact: NAEDA Rescue CoordinatorCheryl Babcock(321)

Diabetes Program

Clinical Trial in Diabetes Do you have a cat or dog with diabetes? Consider enrolling in clinical trial today. The Diabetic Program at Penn Vet strives to improve the treatment of diabetes in dogs and cats, and to investigate the genetic risk for diabetes in dogs. University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School researchers have undertaken the … Continue reading Diabetes Program

American Eskimo Standards

UKC Breed Education Presentation

The UKC Breed Education file – updated 2015 by Diana Allen The Essence of the Breed A double coated Nordic type working dog, intelligent, strong and powerful for its size. Quick and agile. Willing to work closely with people. Cosmetic flaws (such as a snow nose, or biscuit spots in the coat) should never remove … Continue reading UKC Breed Education Presentation

Open the UKC Stud Books

On, Thursday, October 24, 2019 during the General Membership Meeting. Open the Stud Books was a topic discussion. After a lengthy conversation, an agreement was motioned, seconded, and passed by all that attended the General Membership Meeting. The Stud Books will OPEN with the following requirements, approved with UKC: PART A: You have now until … Continue reading Open the UKC Stud Books