To the Membership: 

New changes starting 2023 on “The Scoop”!!!. 

  “The Scoop” will be emailed to all current/good standing members by the NAEDA Secretary.  If you would still like “The Scoop” mailed to you, just ADD an additional $25 to your membership.  You are welcome to print your online version of “The Scoop” to have a hard copy.  

Around the Ring pages will be retired for now.  Clubs may sponsor a page(s) for their events at current ad rates. This is an excellent opportunity to get the word out to Eskie exhibitors! You are also welcome to put in your show reports with pictures, just sponsor the page(s) that you need.

Rainbow Bridge pages will be   ½ page at no charge to members. Members may increase the space by ½ or a full page at the current Ad rate.

Letters to the Editor are encouraged from our members.

Breeder List will continue to be listed in each issue, but without pictures. There will be a one-time fee to add a printed picture for all issues.  This also includes listing on . You must be a NAEDA Member to be listed in the Breeder Directory. Breeder Application

Online links to current Publications will be emailed to all current members.

We are going to have special editions for 2023. Publications are going to slightly change to coincide with events and avoid the holiday seasons.

  • Top Ten Edition – Recap of all the Standing and Results for all American Eskimos
    • Publication Date as soon as possible after UKC results are posted and New Titles reports are received. End of February is a practical date.
    • UKC Standings & Results for any American Eskimos as found on These include:
    • Group Top Ten & Top Ten Breed List for AEs
    • Total Dog Invitational & Nosework Hall of Fame (new) for AEs
    • Agility, Obedience & Rally All Start standings for AEs
    • New Titles Report Annual from UKC for the previous year.
    • If you want a picture listed, the fee is $10 for all title pics, including all performance and conformation.
    • Article’s theme for event participation in both performance and conformation.
  • Summer Edition – Combined Current Top Producers. National information.
    • Publication Date – flexible.  End of June is a practical date.
    • Current Top Producing Dams report from UKC
    • Historical Top Producers Dams – These reports don’t have a lot of movement, so now that we have printed them for a few years we can extend the period. Both were printed in 2022. Dams will be ODD years starting in 2025.
    • If you want a picture listed of your top producer, the cost is $10 
    • Top Producing Sires Report from UKC
    • Historical Top Producers Sires – These reports don’t have a lot of movement, so now that we have printed them for a few years we can extent the period. Both were printed in 2022. Sires will be EVEN years starting in 2024.
    • Article’s theme for upcoming Nationals including Meeting Agenda, for breeding, health, and increasing Eskies owners
  • National Edition
    • Publication Date as soon as possible after Nationals are received. Mid November a practical date. 
    • National & Specialty winners.   – If you win the NBOB or NGRCH award, you will get the choice to have the front cover and inside front cover, but the winner will be responsible for paying the sponsorship rate.  If the NBOB or NGRCH, is won by different dogs, the Winter edition will be available for the NGR winner, and the Spring edition will be available for the NBOB winner. 

Supporting the Scoop

The Scoop will be limited to 28 pages. The club cost cannot exceed $500 which includes printing and mailing, so we will continue to need sponsors to cover the difference in actual cost. We are keeping the normal sponsorship rates the same for 2023.

  • Half page $20 
  • Full page $35 
  • Center Folder 2 page $55
  • Back cover $45 always in color
  • Front cover with Inside Cover $55 always in color

If you place an Ad/ Sponsor Spot/ or contribute an article you will be mailed a printed newsletter. Your Ad will also be posted on our website and linked to our Facebook page.