As we look at our current American Eskimos, it is interesting to take a look at “how we were”.

  • Love the hand artwork for “Premium List” for theses shows.
  • Do you think Holiday Inns would still let us hold a Dog Show there?
  • How about those Christmas Parties! Just wish the Eskies where invited.
  • Please copy photos to anyone you recognize.

Articles and Show pictures from 1978 to 1982. Created and Cared for by Eileen Kortemeier.

Fall of 1978 – Killeen, Tx

(From the archives of Dick & Eileen Kortemeier)

Christmas Party 1978

1979 March-April

1978 October

1979 Christmas Party

1980 January

1980 March

1980 October

1980 Christmas Party

1981 April

1981 October

1981 Christmas Party

1982 May – National Spring Show

1982 November 13-15, Cleveland Fairground, Norman OK