NAEDA supports the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation through our Donor Advised Fund. PPCPP Contributions are a way to contribution. Why not join and add your support too? There is no cost to you. When you choose to participate, Purina will donate 10 percent of the value of the Purina Points you earn – half to the national breed club you choose and half to the Canine Health Foundation.

The Purina Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) Program

The PPCP Program supports canine health research funded by the AKC Canine Health Foundation in partnership with national parent breed clubs and their members who participate in PPCP through Purina Pro Club. Monies raised through the program also can be used to support breed education and rescue efforts.

Read more on the Purina Parent Club program.

How It Works

Participating Pro Club members earn Purina Points by submitting proofs of purchase from qualifying Purina pet foods. For every $100 of qualifying Purina Points earned by Pro Club members,* Purina donates $10 to the participating national parent club, in which half goes to the breed club and half to the club’s Donor Advised Fund at the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

So I purchased three Prunai items totaling $142.95. So $5 goes to NAEDA and $5 goes to the Canine Health Foundation. Win- Win. Just a little work for me to capture an image or pdf and upload. But worth it.

What Is Pro Club?

Pro Club is an exclusive, membership-based community of breeders, experts, and competitors that share an unshakeable commitment to exceptional dogs and cats. Pro Club celebrates our members’ expertise and supports their continued success through special events, helpful resources, rewards and more.

To be eligible for Purina Pro Club, you must be a breeder or personally care for 5 or more dogs or cats. It’s free and easy to sign up. Just complete the 2 part application (member/pet profiles) to start taking advantage of Purina Pro Club’s many benefits.

After filling out the online form. Thank you for submitting your application to join Purina Pro Club, the exclusive members only club for pet professionals and enthusiasts like you. We’ll be sending you a confirmation email with important instructions soon, so be sure to check your inbox. Welcome to the Club!

Once you have an account, you can then login and Upload your receipts. There is also an option to mail-in your receipts.

I had an email receipt. In order to get the totals to print, I had to which to Landscape. I used BullZip pdf printer. Selected the PDF file using the Choose Receipt and Uploaded. I received an email without 15 mins. I logged make in to check. There are credits for the items on my receipts, Pro Plan and FortiFlora Chews. Now I’m going to see if I can upload past Chewy receipts. Cool, uploaded two Chewy receipts from my AutoShip. Can’t submit more than 5 receipts per day. Seems one of the esaiest ways for the recipts to be processed is to open the “Invoice” from Chewy or Amazon on you laptop. Take a screen shot/screen of just the invoice. I use Windows Snipping Tool.

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