Hello World, Where’s My Coffee

At 11 weeks old, these are Star’s little boy and little girl. Still pondering our next training and socialization steps every morning. And every morning I’m in awe of these two little miracles and of all the Eskies and breeders behind them.

Dam: Debonair Rock Star (Star)
Sire: Sierra’s Absolute Power (Trumper)
Born April 20th at 1am (just sayin)

Thank you to Diana & Joe Allen’s years of dedicated breeding and promotion with Sierra’s eskies.

Debbie Mitchell’s Debonair line that brought us our Debonair’s Rock Star. Not forgetting our first dog, Debonair Junior Jet Flyer, then Debonair Sky Flyer, and
Star’s littermate Debonair’s Rolling Thunder. There’s still a Kort-Mar Great Grand Parent in the mix, Kort-Mar Oklahoma Sparkling Star behind Star’s mom, Debonair’s Queen of the Tabloids (Paris).

I don’t consider myself a “breeder”, everyone else did all the years of hard work getting us to this point. Just blessed we can give back a little to the world with these two beautiful eskies.
Hope to bring these two out to our Nationals in October as part of the futurity.

– Mark & Michelle Fitch

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