Mailed out April 4, 2022

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Next Newsletter – 2022 Spring Issue (March)

Hope you enjoyed the 2021 newsletters Looking forward to another exceptal year in 2022. It’s you, our members, that make our newsletter a success. Please consider supporting the newsletter with a sponsorship spot.

This is YOUR newsletter

  • Have a news about American Eskimo Club Event? Send me shots of your club’s last event. If I get to go to a show, I’ll be taking pics. Hope you will too!
  • Breeder Announcement? Fun Furry Babies out there?
  • Litter updates? New puppy Homes?
  • If UKC processed your New Tile in Dec Jan Feb, please send in a pic. I’ll be using Messenger to contact you for a picture if an email is not on your membership info. 9which most are not)
  • Historical Top Producing Dams report in this issue
  • 2021 UKC Top Ten – This issue thought it would be fun to do a little profile on each. I’ll be reaching out asap.
  • If you have an idea for an article are want to send some good info along, please PM or email.
  • Have a question? Love to start a Q&A section. LMK
  • Let’s get those new litters nominated for Futurity. This is a very special event at Nationals.

Just use our online form: Newsletter Submission

2022 Spring Dates:

  • Need your “placeholder” by March 24th for layout, this is critical to the number of pages. PM or email me.
  • Submission Final Deadline Monday March 26st. Final drafts of articles, pictures. You should have reviewed your proof by now. (If not then contact me asap) Remove any left placeholders and fill in with other content. Draft sent to Board.
  • Final review March 28th. Final search for typos. Draft sent to Board.
  • Upload to Printing 29th
  • Mailing Labels/ Envelopes prepared. Will check the on-line membership form updates.
  • Mailed by March 31th