NAEDA is pleased to offer breeders and owners of UKC registered American Eskimos a special opportunity for breeders to showcase their puppies at NAEDA National shows through the NAEDA futurity program. The Futurity program seeks to encourage highly selective breeding practices and to reward breeders for their achievements.

This is to celebrate and congratulate our American Eskimo Dog breeders for all the love, dedication, and hard work they have put in over the years to preserve our beloved, most beautiful breed. Your new puppy owners can show your puppies too.

1) Before Whelp Date – Nominate Letter

  • Nominate litter after breeding and before whelping date. Litter Nominate fee is $20.00
    • New 12-week Grace period after whelp date available with additional $40 fee.
    • Complete Litter Nomination Form on-line or Download using the Print option on the form.
    • Use on-line form with PayPal, or
    • Mail litter nomination form with payment and postmark before whelping date.
  • Receive Futurity Litter Number within 4 weeks of nomination.
  • Think you nominated a litter then forgot? Check with Susan

2) Before 4 months – Nominate Individual Puppies

  • Register puppies with UKC.
  • Nominate individual puppies after birth and up to 4 months of age. Puppy Nomination fee is $10 per puppy.
    • Complete Puppy Nomination Form using Futurity Litter Number or Download using the Print option on the form.
    • A copy of UKC registration papers for each puppy may be uploaded on-line or mailed with paper form.
    • Use on-line form with PayPal, or
    • Mail puppy nomination form with payment & postmark on or before 4 months of age.
  • Receive Futurity Puppy Number within 4 weeks of nomination.

3) at 6 months – Enter Puppies at National

Once your Puppies turn 6 months old, you can enter them in a regular class at the next Nationals. Nominated puppies that are entered at Nationals will then be entered in the Futurity Special. Susan will add your eligible puppies to the correct Futurity class.

Note: Novice Puppies are not a regular class and are not eligible for Futurity.

Susan Bovee will send out reminders.

Double Check with Susan which class and year your are eligible

Futurity Classes

We will offer four Futurity Classes at our Nationals in October:

  • Best Puppy: 6 to 9 months and 9 to 12 months.
  • Best Jr Puppy: 12-15 months and 15-18 months 

Best Puppy and Best Jr Puppy winners go back in for Best in Futurity.

Futurity Awards:

  • Breeder Best of Futurity
  • Owner Best of Futurity.
  • Breeder Best Puppy
  • Owner Best Puppy
  • Breeder Best Jr Puppy
  • Owner Best Jr Puppy
  • Owner and Breeder winners of each class.

Futurity Chairperson

Please reach out to Susan for any questions. We’re  committed to bringing back the Futurity as a part of our Nationals.

Susan Morgan Bovee  (517)-677-6264

Puppy Nomination Form

Litter Nomination Form

Futurity Rules