Exciting updates to Futurity program. Updated December 2021 and published in the 2021 Winter Newsletter.

Futurity Rules

The process begins by nominating a LITTER. Individual puppies from a nominated litter are eligible to compete in the FIRST Futurity held on or after the date they reach six months of age.

Correct and timely nominations of both the litter and the individual puppy are required for eligibility.

Nomination of a LITTER must be made by the breeder or co-breeder of the litter. To be timely, the nomination must be after the breeding has occurred but BEFORE the puppies are whelped.  A Grace period of 12 weeks is offered with an additional $40 fee.

Nomination of a litter makes each puppy in that litter eligible for individual nomination.

The fee is $20.00. Of the litter nomination fees, $5 will be retained by NAEDA for expenses and $15 will go to Futurity prize money. Upon receipt of a litter nomination, the Futurity Chairperson will send the nominator a confirmation of the nomination with a litter number.

Litter Nomination Form

When the puppies have whelped, the nominator can request the correct number of puppy nomination forms from the Futurity Chairperson. A Futurity nomination is final and no refunds will be made. Nomination fees cannot be transferred from one litter to another.

Nomination of a puppy must be made by the breeder, owner or co-owner of the puppy, none of whom need be members of NAEDA. To be timely, the puppy nomination must be made before the puppy reaches 4 months of age.

The fee is $10.00 per puppy.

Note: A Grace period of 12 weeks (84 days) is offered to nominate the litter with an additional $40 fee. Then nominate the puppies in the litter before they are 4 months old.

Of the puppy nomination fees, 25% will be retained by NAEDA for expenses, with the remainder for Futurity Award Fund.

Individual puppies from a nominated litter are eligible to compete in the first Futurity held on or after the date they reach six months of age.

Note: A copy of the Puppy’s Individual UKC registration papers are required for Puppy Nomination Form.

Puppy Nomination Form

If a dog, its sire, or its dam is owned or co-owned by the judge or a member of the judge’s family, that dog cannot be shown at the Futurity competition.

An entry for Futurity judging must be entered in one of the regular classes at the National show. There is a $10.00 fee for this additional Futurity class.

Cost Breakdown for Futurity:  $20 for Litter · $10 per Puppy · $10 per  Futurity Entry · Plus entry in Regular Class at Nationals.

Class divisions for the Futurity are:

Best Puppy

  • 6 to 9 months;
  • 9 to 12 months.

6-9 and 9-12 months winners go back in for Best Puppy.

Best Jr Puppy

  • 12-15 months
  • 15-18 months 

12 to 15 and 15 to 18 winners go back in for Best Jr Puppy.

Best Puppy and Best Jr Puppy winners go back in for Best in Futurity.

Futurity Awards:

Awards to:

  • Breeder Best of Futurity
  • Owner Best of Futurity.
  • Breeder Best Puppy
  • Owner Best Puppy
  • Breeder Best Jr Puppy
  • Owner Best Jr Puppy
  • Owner and Breeder winners of each class.

Monetary awards to Owner and Breeder of Best in Futurity.  Division of amount Award Fund and any extra incentive monies to be determined by Trophy Committee.

Futurity Steps


Q. Can anyone nominate a litter for the Futurity?

A. Yes, nominations are open to all breeders and owners of UKC registered American Eskimos so long as the litter being nominated is owned or co-owned by the person nominating the litter. Membership in NAEDA is not required to nominate a litter

Q. Can I nominate a puppy or puppies from the litter before I apply for the UKC registration papers?

A. No. Nominations of individual puppies will require  a UKC number for Futurity Rules.

Q. What’s the different between this and regular puppy classes?

A. The Futurity is recognizing and encouraging the Breeders along with the Owners.  The Breeder has to start and fund the beginning of this process.

Futurity Chairperson

Susan  Morgan Bovee
Susanbovee65@gmail.com  (517)-677-6264

Please reach out to Susan for any questions. We’re  committed to bringing back the Futurity as a part of our Nationals.