There shall be four (4) types of membership:

  • NAEDA Affiliated Associations. Open to all United States of America and Canadian United Kennel Club Inc. American Eskimo Dog Associations upon approval of their By-Laws by the United Kennel Club Inc. and the NAEDA Board Of Directors. The responsibilities of NAEDA Affiliated Associations are contained in Article XI.
  • Individual Membership. Open to all persons ages 16(sixteen) years through 64(sixty-four) years.  Individual members have full membership privileges.
  • Junior Membership. Open to juveniles ages 6(six) through 15(fifteen) who are sponsored by an adult member in good standing. The sponsor for a junior member may live in the same household as the junior. Membership is granted upon receipt of a completed application accompanied by annual dues. Junior members do not have the right to vote.
  • Senior Membership. Open to all senior citizens (65 and over). Senior members have full membership privileges.

Club membership dues are due at the beginning of the year. Below are a couple of frequently asked questions and answers.

Not a Club Near You?

No worries. You can join as a At-Large member. We have quite a few. Perhaps in time, there will be enough fellow Eksie lovers near you to form a club. Just fill our our on-line form.

If you are an At-Large member, submit your dues to NAEDA, c/o Renee Stone or use PayPal plus 5% to

When is my NAEDA membership renewal due?

Membership dues must be paid between January 1 and March 1 Any membership dues received between October 1 and December 31 will be dues applied for that year and the next year. For example, a membership due received on October 18, 2015 will put you as a member in 2015 and 2016.

If you are an Affiliate member through an affiliate, local club, please submit your dues through your local club. Affiliate clubs’ contact information and current members are listed on member-clubs

Do I have to submit a membership application?

New members must submit an application form. Existing members who pay their dues after March 1 must submit an application form. Existing members that submit their dues prior to March 1 are not required to submit an application.

The membership application is located at

If you are required to submit an application and you are an Affiliate member, mail your dues to your affiliate local club ( for affiliate club contact information).

Champion Class at 2020 NAEDA Nationals in Norman, OK.

PayPal Payment Instructions     

        Send to
        Email paypal receipt to
Click Here for PAYPAL

Check Payment

Mail Check to : Renee Strong, NAEDA Secretary
                      2497 Rockefeller Rd.
                      Moravia, NY  13118

Make Checks Payable to “The N.A.E.D.A.”