It’s Newsletter Time! As a member of the NAEDA, you have the opportunity to submit your  announcements of new titles, new family fur babies, cute pics from around the home, office, or ring. Share pictures from your last UKC event.

Don’t forget the Rainbow Bridge if you’ve lost a furry loved one. There is no charge for these for members.

We are always grateful for your sponsorship to help offset printing/postage cost for the newsletter. Please consider placing an AD.

2021 Spring Issue Timeline

  • ASAP Draft – Send me a rough draft for layout and placeholder spacing.  I’ll copy/paste it into Publisher with the newsletter margins.  If you’re thinking of an AD, just let me know the size so I can put in a placeholder for you. One of the most time-consuming task is fitting content into the right number of pages (multiples of 4)
  • March 20th Draft Reviews – I send out drafts for review as I get content, once a day. Goes to NAEDA board members and submitter. These are low resolution versions.
  • March 24th Final – Send me your final. I’ll update and send you back a image from the newsletter for your review.
  • March 25-26th Last Minute corrects – There’s always something…. Text or Message me to make sure I get your input.
  • March 26th Upload to Printer
  • March 29th Prepare Envelopes & Mailing List – Double check the mailing list worksheet. Print a merge in Publisher. Stick on return address, address labels, and minimal stamps. Be sure your mailing Address is correct.
  • March 30th Pick-up Newsletter & Mail – Generally I still need to add a few more cents of postage.

What to Send

  • Text – please leave text in “text format” if you can. 
  • Images – Printing is 300 pixel per inch. So if you have a full page image, 8×11, then that’s 8×300 by 11×300 = 2400 wide x 3300 tall pixels.   
  • If you would like page template in MS Publisher format, happy you send current layout to you.

How to Send Content

  1. Use on-line Form
  2. Email Some emails get stuck on spam filters.
  3. FB Messenger
  4. On request, can send DropBox upload link.

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