General Membership Meeting Minutes, 10/17/2020 NORMAN, OKLAHOMA

Meeting called to order at 2:45 p.m. by Debbie Mitchell
Officers present: Debbie Mitchell, Shane Groves, Susan De La Paz, Michelle Fitch


  • Operating account is approximately $17,000 prior to income and expenses before this show.
  • Plaques for awards for the following will be mailed as Shane has not yet received them:
    • Number one dog: GRCH Fissan’s Sign O’ The Times – Carol A. Nassif
    • Award of Merit: GRCH Sierra’s Classic Masterpiece – Diana L. Allen
  • Rescue fund – $7500 plus $800 (10/17/2020) = $8,300
    • Rescue chairman is Cheryl Babcock – call her if you know of any eskies in need
    • Contact Cheryl for newsletter articles regarding rescue.
    • Contact in Houston is Marla
    • Contact in Somerset is Carol Raymond Gove
  • Shane pointed out that Heart Bandits shies away from donations from breed clubs.
  • ERU – Eskie rescues united – Cheryl Babcock

Futurity Committee – Susan Bell – there has been no activity. Carol Nasiff volunteered to do it next year.

Mary Verness asked that when I order the Altered BOB trophy she wants the year on it. Mary said she would send me the address where to send the trophy.

Trophy Donations:

  • BOB and National GR CH – Susan De La Paz
  • Reserve GR CH – Carol Nasiff
  • Champion – Mary Verness
  • Reserve Champion – Tari Erst
  • BOW – Danielle Christensen
  • BM – Danielle Christensen
  • BF- Linda Wheatley
  • Best Std. Male and Best Std. Female – Carol Nasiff (Rosettes)
  • Best Miniature Male – Tina Wilemon (Rosette)
  • Best Miniature Female – Tari Erst (Rosette)
  • Best Junior – Carol Nasiff
  • Best Novice Puppy – Michelle Fitch (Rosette)
  • Brace – Danielle Christensen (Rosette)
  • Best Veteran – Danielle Christensen (Rosette)
  • Stud Dog – available
  • Brood Bitch – available
  • All Altered are still available – BOB, GR CH, CH, BOW, BM, BF, BNP (suggestion was made that we leave the date off of the altered trophies)

Membership Update:  8 new members this quarter (Fall) and 5 new ones from Spring of 2020

Stud Book Update:  Requirements must be completed by October 31, 2021 and paperwork must be received by December 31, 2021

There were no history updates as Diana Allen was absent.

Michelle Fitch website update:  Feedback from views of website.  Is it helping us with puppy buyers.  Site is

Facebook NAEDA – Cannot post unless you are an admin.  Admins are Michelle, Debbie and Renee

Facebook group – we can all post and have discussions.

Mary Verness – She suggested we pay money to post to other facebook groups to get more traffic.  Cost is $10.00 or more – promotion free publicity.

Michelle Fitch  – We discussed the subject of non-members submitting rainbow bridge ads, and agreed that only members should submit same.  A member can submit articles by someone else.

Michelle Fitch – National Logo – She suggested that Diana appoint a committee for the Logo. 

Debbie said she has a flash drive with the art work from our trophy place and the crystal trophy place,

Michelle says we need a black and white version as well as a color versions.

Diana Allen – Diana submitted this prior to her accident. 

Apprenticeship Program – Could this be sponsored by the UKC?  This is not in the By-Laws per Renee.  Diana suggested the option that the judge go straight to the National Board instead of going through a local club.  In other words, cut the local club out.  Susan De La Paz asked if it is a hassle to get sponsored by a local club?  Mary Verness said that it is.  Suggestion:  get rid of local club sponsorship, but do not get rid of apprenticeship.

Denise Randall Miller submitted the following but was not able to attend.  Denise asked if an all breed club could host a National show.  This was proposed to the members present and the majority said no.

Denise also asked if at large members could vote for the National Judge.  Danielle did say that as an at large member she does not care, as it is her understanding that at large members do not get individual votes.  Club members talk to the President of their club and express who they would like and the President bases their vote on the input of their club members.

It was stated that at large members come and go, so some members did not think giving them an individual vote was a good idea.  This will have to be discussed next year.

Future National Updates:  Rochester, Northern Lights – 2021, Arizona 2022, Indiana  2023.

Motion to Adjourn by Carol Nasiff at 4:27 p.m. Seconded by Debbie Mitchell.  Adjourned at 4:27 p.m.


Old Business – None

Judges’ fees – $950.00 Motion to keep same amount by Shane Groves, seconded by Susan De La Paz.  Motion carried unanimously.

Policies review:

Remove 7 1.2 and .3,  Keep 7-1A (10/17/2020)

Number 11 – Insert what is published in newsletter regarding opening of stud books.  Books will be closed beginning 1/1/2022 until 2025.  (10/17/2020)

Motion to adjourn by Shane Groves at 4:53 p.m.  Seconded by Michelle Fitch

Adjourned at 4:55 p.m.