Looking forward to our 2020 Nationals this Oct in Norman, OK. Getting ready to order the ribbons and awards.

Crystal Awards for the following classes:

  • Best of Winners,
  • Champions,
  • Grand Champions,
  • Best of Breed, and
  • Best Junior Showmanship.

Large ribbons for the following classes:

  • Best Male,
  • Best Female,
  • Best of Winners,
  • Champions,
  • Grand Champions,
  • Best of Breed and
  • Best Junior Showmanship.

Altered crystals will be ordered and mailed to the winners after the show. Rossetts awarded at show.

We will continue to give out the 7” trophies for each Junior entered.

All donations are gladly accepted!

How To

  • Check out the list of Available Award Sponsorship (below)
  • Total the Award Donations. Add 5% if paying by PayPal
  • Send Payment:
    1. Mail Check to: Debbie Mitchell, Corresponding Secretary, 11994 Pruett Road, Krum, TX 76249
    2. or PayPal to Naeda.Treasurer@gmail.com using your account.

Email Trophy Sponsor information to eskie18@earthlink.net
When you make your donation, please list your name and/or kennel name as you wish it to appear on the donation list. And, of course, it is possible to donate more than one award.

This list will be updated. So check back.

Award List

Best of Breed 35 Diana Allen
Grand Champion30 Diana Allen
Champion30Leslie Floyd
Best of Winners30Russell Balcom
Best Male30Austin Balcom
Best Female30Marley Balcom
Altered Best of Breed35
Altered Grand Champion30
Altered Champion30
Altered Best of Winners30
Altered Best Male30
Altered Best Female30
Best Novice Puppy15Excel American Eskimos
Stud Dog15
Brood Bitch15
Best Veteran15Excel American Eskimos
Best Brace15
Best Junior Showmanship15Austin Balcom
Legends of the Rings Medallions10
General Trophy Fund Donation20Debonair American Eskimos