UPDATE: The remaining participants needed for the study have been sponsored in order to complete the study in a timely manner. There is No Cost to submit your Eskie. Up to two unrelated per household.

We really need participation by UKC AE breeders. The baseline study will close at the end of January, so time is of the utmost importance. The price of the testing, which is confidential, is $50. AKC will pay $25 each of that cost, for up to 2 dogs. If you cannot pay the remaining $25 per dog, Ruth Sampson will cover the cost. Her contact number is (650) 572-2575. Please call her if you want assistance. We need your dogs that badly for this study!We really need a sampling for the entire breed, and especially “outlier” dogs, preferably breeding stock. Again, this call for AEDogs is URGENT! Please don’t put this off. Total funding is available, so don’t worry – we need your standards, minis, or toys! They just need to be UKC and/or AKC registered. (No TL listings).The process for signing up to receive a cheek swab is tricky. Ruth can walk you through it, and I can, as well. If you need assistance with the cost, call Ruth. If you’ll be paying the $25 per dog, call me, Sue Lunsford (707) 235-2835 after 4 pm PT.

UC Davis with Better Bred is doing a genetic diversity study on the American Eskimo. We are receiving a $25 discount, so only making it $25.00 per dog. We would like just 2 dogs per household and not closely related. This is for all sizes, UKC dogs and AKC. We need 96 Eskies, I think we could do that if everyone participates. No littermates or sire/dams and offspring.

For the research phase, we request that samples not include full siblings or parent/offspring pairs, and we hope for individuals from the widest range of different lines possible. More related dogs can be added after the initial report is done.

The world’s best Canine Genetic Diversity Test, from UC Davis’ renowned Veterinary Genetics Lab. Developed by dedicated veterinarians and conservation geneticists specifically to assess genetic diversity in breeds, dogs, and matings.

Two tests available per customer!

Diana Allen

How To

You have to have a membership account with BetterBred. They have both Free and Paid memberships. If you do not already have a membership, go to www.betterbred.com/register to create your free Account.

Wait for your email to activate your account. Be sure to check your spam folder.

Once your account is active, login and go here: https://www.betterbred.com/product/american-eskimo-sponsored-genetic-diversity-test

You’ll then fill out a long form list. Add to Cart. For a second dog, just change the fields you need and Add to Cart again. Then go to your Cart and Check Out.

Then VGL will send out the swabs and form. When they have received your sample, you will get an email from VGL. If you do not receive one, they haven’t gotten it yet. That is currently a question they get a lot with the delay in the mail.