Regular Membership Meeting called to order at 5:46pm.  Quorum was established with 19 members present for the meeting.

Seating of officers.  There were no ballots mailed out as everyone was running unopposed. 

· Diana Allen – President,

· Heidi Scheff – Vice President,

· Renee Strong, Secretary,

· Debra Mitchell – Corresponding Secretary,

· Shane Groves, Treasurer,

· Susan DeLaPaz – Parliamentarian,

· Michelle Fitch – Publicity Director

Secretary report – published in the newsletter, approved by Heidi Scheff seconded by Carol Nassif, approved by all

Treasurer report – approximately $15,000 is in the operating account, approved by Carol Nassif seconded by Debra Mitchell, approved by all

Report of Officers

President Diana Allen – thanked the SouthEast Texas for hosting the National.  “The entry was low, but mighty”. 

Thanks to Debra Mitchell for the crystal & large ribbons, were excellent


Rescue – Approximately $6100 in the rescue fund, Cheryl Babcock is heading this up, and $1000 was spent on 8 separate dogs.

Trophy – thank you to UKC for donating the National Best of Breed trophy for the 2019 National. 

Agreed to NOT do trophies anymore continue with the crystals & large ribbons. 

Large ribbons for the following classes – Best Male, Best Female, Best of Winners, Champions, Grand Champions, Best of Breed and Best Junior Showmanship. 

Crystals for the following classes – Best of Winners, Champions, Grand Champions, Best of Breed and Best Junior Showmanship.  Altered crystals will be ordered and mailed to the winners after the show. 

We will continue to give out the 7” trophies for each Junior entered.  Approved by Carol Nassif seconded by Kathy Bieltz. 

We donated the remainder trophies to a 4H club by the name of Rice County 4H Dog Program in Minnesota.  Trophies went home with Carol Nassif.  Approved by Kathy Bieltz seconded by Debra Mitchell, approved by all

Canine Health Foundation – we received about $270 from Purina for the weight circles back in April.  The National needs to designate our use for the Canine Health Foundation each year, this year it will go for diabetes

Futurity – visit the website for instructions/requirements, please don’t forget about this, we will revisit this again in 2020.

Old Business:

Membership – membership is about 130, please send your 2020 membership roaster sheet and dues (payable to NAEDA) to Renee Strong, 2497 Rockefeller Rd, Moravia, NY 13118.  Renee has agreed to take the membership over

Website – Bob Miller is going to take this over and help get it updated.

Stud books – the NAEDA was asked again to open the stud books.  Conversation took place and was agreed with the following (BUT approval MUST be approved with UKC – once UKC approves, it will be posted for everyone).  We, the NAEDA will open the stud books with the following requirements – purchase a TL number from UKC, participate in at least 6 UKC licensed shows, and provide a certified 3 generation pedigree from AKC.  Approved by Shane Groves seconded by Heidi Scheff, approved by all

History updates – remove circus dog in breed standard.  Approved by Heidi Scheff seconded by Debra Mitchell, approve by all

New Business:

Hosting National – lengthy discussion to the pros/cons about this.  Everyone had a great point and their opinion.  Odd years the National will host at Gateway, even year the National will rotate through the clubs in order.  Order will be posted in the newsletter.  Approved by Carol Nassif seconded by Shane Groves, approved by all

stating that the AE was not the same as the White German Spitz, it was agreed to not write the letter as a German Spitz was already a UKC registered breed and white was an acceptable color.  If the German Spitz wants to approve the Grosse size, they should contact UKC and ask to add that variety.  Approved by Carol Nassif seconded by Heidi Scheff, approve by all


#1 for 2018 – USA UFA GRCH  PR  Vibo s The Cream Always Rises owned by Danielle Christensen

Award of Merit Sire – GRCH  PR  Kiva Miracle Goin For Th Gold owned by Amanda Innerst and Carol Innerst

Award of Merit Dam – GRCH  PR” Pat s Irish Alpine Phenomena owned by Amanda Innerst and Suzanne O Donnell

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm. Motion by Heidi Scheff, and seconded by Carol Nassif and approved by all.

Board of Directors Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting called to order at 7:45pm (with 15 present and/or proxy holders)

Old Business – none to report

Judge’s Fee – leaving the fee the same at $900 (that fee includes everything for the judge – travel (airfare/mileage), tolls, parking, luggage, rental car, hotel, judging fee, etc.…) Approved by all; if the judge is selected to be part of UKC s panel at Gateway the $900 judging fee will be reduced accordingly to a judging fee, food for the day, and 1 night hotel (if needed)

Policies – change policy 7-1A 1 to say odd years the National will host the National in con junction with Gateway, even years the National will be rotated around the country by the list of clubs, if the club passes it will go to the next club, and will continue down the list until a club will except the bid.  (October 24, 2019)

Meeting was adjourned at 7:51pm, motion by Carol Nassif, and seconded by Debra Mitchell and approved by all.

Published in 2019 Winter Newsletter.