General Membership Meeting Minutes – October 23, 2018
Regular Membership Meeting was called to order at 4pm. Quorum was established with 20 members present for the meeting.
SECRETARY’S REPORT – Published in the newsletter.
TREASURER’S REPORT- Approximately $17,000 is in the operating account.


Vice President – Heidi Scheff thanked the Finger Lakes AEDA for hosting the National. “The numbers were low, but the quality was strong.”


Rescue – Approximately $6300 in the rescue fund, Cheryl Babcock is heading this up.
Trophy – Thank you to UKC for donating the Nation-al Best of Breed trophy for the 2018 National,. The Executive Board was given permission to change the trophies for 2019 as that is our 50th anniversary.
Canine Health Foundation – We received about $270 from Purina for the weight circles.

  • The National needs to designate our use for the Canine Health Foundation each year,. This year it will go for diabetes.

Changing the National weekend – In the 2019 ballot we are asking for suggestions for a spring or fall Na-tional (trying to get more people involved)

Futurity : Visit the website for instructions/requirements. Please don’t forget about this.

Old Business

Membership update – Membership is at 112. Please send your 2019 membership roster sheet and dues (payable to NAEDA) to Renee Strong, 2497 Rockefeller Rd, Moravia, NY 13118. Renee has agreed to take over the membership.

Website – Bob Miller is going to take this over and help get it updated.

New Business

History update – Still working on, tabled to 2019 meeting.

AOM/AOMX changes – Was approved to add Altered, and an PRA-certified test.

Future National updates:
2019 – Southeast Texas (will be hosting in conjunction with Gateway)
2020- New York
2021 – Washington


1 for 2016 goes to Diana Allen with GRCH ‘PR’ Sierra Hallmark

Motion to adjourn was made by Heidi Scheff, second-ed by Pat O’Donnell, and approved by all.


Board of Directors Meeting called to order at 5:42pm (with 13 present and/or proxy holders).
OLD BUSINESS – None to report
Judge’s Fee – Leaving the fee the same at $900 (that fee includes everything for the judge – travel (airfare/mileage), tolls, parking, luggage, rental car, hotel, judging fee, etc.) Approved by all; if the judge is selected to be part of UKC’s panel at Gateway, the $900 judging fee will be reduced accordingly to a judging fee, food for the day, and 1 night hotel (if needed).
Policies – Nothing new to report
New plaque for end of year – Since we do the #1 UKC AE conformation, we also agreed to do the Top All-Star AE for the performance events. Motion was made by Pat O’Donnell, seconded by Denise Randall-Miller, and approved by all.
Motion to adjourn was made by Pat O’Donnell, seconded by Denise Randall Miller, and approved by all.
Meeting was adjourned.

(This is a copy from 2018/2019 Fall/Winter Newsletter)