General Membership Meeting Minutes – October 26, 2017
Regular Membership Meeting was called to order at 3:05pm with the counting of the ballots. The Meeting actually started at 4pm.
75 ballots were counted and processed.

  • By-Law change passed with 66 yes, 3 no, 6 ab-stain.
  • Vice President Heidi Scheff , 47 votes, Lynn McClure 28 votes.

Seating of the officers took place.

Quorum was established with 20 members present for the meeting.

SECRETARY’S REPORT– published in the news-letter.
TREASURER’S REPORT– 2 sheets were passed out to all attendees:

  1. operating fund account
  2. rescue fund account

REPORT OF OFFICERS – President Diana Allen indicated that she was very proud of everyone that at-tended the National, the sportsmanship was great, thanked everyone for coming out.


Rescue – nothing to report.

Trophy – suggestions for ribbon (rosette) sizes need-ed for future National shows, passed out a sheet for next year donations to the trophies (people need to help sponsor these trophies from year to year).

Canine Health Foundation – on our website, Purina Pro-club Member weight circles, members turn in the weight circles and you get .11 or .12 per pound back and Purina will match that by 10%, Purina then will donate 50% to the Canine Health Foundation (Parent club designates how it is to be used) and 50% to the Parent Club (last year was $225 to the National). If you do feed Purina, please make sure you sign up to become a Pro-club member and designate the National American Eskimo Dog Association.

  • The National needs to designate our use for the Canine Health Foundation each year, this year it will go for diabetes.

Futurity : visit the web-site for instructions/requirements, please don’t forget about this.


Membership update – membership list was handed out to all.

Website – Shane is still willing to take on this task.

Open Stud Books – talked about reopening the stud books, but after the discussion it was said to leave the Stud Books closed until 2025 per the By-Laws.

Breed Standard updates – talked about that UKC changed “One” word in the breed standard (under Body – The withers are the highest portion of the top-line (was originally backline) and blend gracefully in-to the back) Also talked about the Removal of the Breed specific apprenticeship requirement – after a discussion about both pros and cons, it was left “As is”. We will still require the apprenticeship program.


History updates – Diana created a committee to help rewrite/shorten the breed description to a couple of lines (not a paragraph). Committee is Diana Allen, Debra Mitchell, Susan De La Paz, Carol Nassif).

Future National updates:

  • 2018 – Massachusetts (Passed – so went out to bid on the East, and Finger Lakes (NY) won the bid.)
  • 2019 – Southeast Texas
  • 2020- New York

If a club is going to pass (not host the National week-end), that club must contact the National by July 1 of the year before the scheduled date. This gives the other clubs in the geographic area a chance to look into hosting the National, then those clubs have a chance to present their bid to the National Meeting for a vote. Approved by Heidi Scheff and seconded by Denise Randall Miller. Carried. Talked about the idea of maybe changing the National weekend to something earlier. A Committee was created with Amanda Innerst, Lynn McClure and Denise Randall Miller. They will work on a tentative new weekend and report back for approval.


#1 for 2016 goes to Lynn McClure with NBOB NGRCH AH’s Gabriel’s Song of the Trump.

Motion to adjourn was made by Shane Groves, and seconded by Mary Anne Oneil and approved by all.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:55 p.m.

Board of Directors Meeting –
October 26, 2017

Board of Directors Meeting was called to order at 6:09pm.
(13 present and/or proxy holders)


  • No old business to report
  • Judge’s Fee – leaving the fee the same at $900 (That fee includes everything for the judge – travel (airfare/mileage), tolls, parking, luggage, rental car, hotel, judging fee, etc.). Approved by all.
  • Policies – not really a policy by agreeing to change the futurity nomination: from nominate a litter BE-FORE born to allow nomination of puppies up to 8 weeks of age. Approved by all.

Motion to adjourn was made by Heidi Scheff, seconded by Debra Mitchell, and approved by all. Meeting was adjourned at 6:36 p.m.

Published in the 2017 Fall Newsletter, page 11-12