Sometimes there’s just not a close by local Eskie club. We have many very active At-Large members around the country, pershap someone you know.

Be sure to say HELLO at the next UKC event.

2020 At-Large Members

  • Blackburn, Jackie, TX
  • Blackwood, Barbara, MO
  • Blews-Pappas, Donna, MA
  • Carbaugh, Dave, WA
  • Christensen, Danielle, MN
  • Ernst, Tari, KS
  • Goodman, Jackie, IA
  • James, Kellie, BC
  • Leach, Karen, NC
  • McClure, Lynn, WA
  • Miller, Denise & Robert, WA
  • Redding, Lenise, WA
  • Ricks, Kathy, GA
  • Scheff, Heidi, IL
  • Scholz, Karen, WA
  • Tochioka, Glenn, CA
  • Voogd, Amy, NE
  • Wheatley, Linda & Larry, MO