Club Contact: Kelly Bearl



The Arizona American Eskimo Association (AAEA) is composed of Eskie owners who are working to promote the health, well being, and betterment of the American Eskimo Dog. Toward these goals, the club sponsors UKC dog shows, shares canine health and breeding information, facilitates Eskie rescue activities, and works to educate the public about our breed.

Club Members

  • Allard  Lakewood CO
  • Ballhagen  Pheoniz AZ
  • Bearl  Pheoniz AZ
  • Benyk  Dewey AZ
  • Binick  Camp Verde AZ
  • Binick  Camp Verde AZ
  • Glenn  Peoria AZ
  • Goetz  Rio Verde AZ
  • Joseph  Scottsdale AZ
  • Joseph  Scottsdale AZ
  • Ruckman-Kass  Scottsdale AZ
  • Kass  Scottsdale AZ
  • Kelly  Tempe AZ

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