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We cannot thank all the exhibitors enough that made our March 2020 show such a wonderful success. We are so thankful that our show could be held in light of so many now being cancelled.
From the UKC, and we had 182 entries Saturday Show 1, 174 entries Saturday Show 2 and 164 entries for Sunday’s show. This is a total of 520 entries in just 3 shows. We had 14 to 15 juniors a show at no fee to them. The future of our sport! Can’t wait to see more next year.
We couldn’t have done it without our most awesome Show Chair Debbie Holmes, Secretary Amanda Hill, Stewards Jennie Dunaway, Barbie and Felicity Trammel and Debbie Holmes doing double duty.

Many thanks to our esteemed judges Alan Krenek, Kevin Izard-Carroll, and Ronny Junkins. We were also grateful to have the best photographers there are, Malinda Julian and Jon with their staff.

But what really made the show fantastic was our wonderful exhibitors. Without you we could not continue to have shows.We appreciate all those who donated to our raffle. We collected $450 on our raffle this year!

Thanks to Paula Weir for our show site at All Fur Fun in Addison, Texas. It made a wonderful venue.

Upcoming Events

Sat, Mar 7, 2020North East Texas American Eskimo Dog Association
Mar 7 – Mar 8
Addison, TX
Conformation, Altered Conformation, Junior Showmanship, Novice Puppy, Veteran
Sat, Mar 13-14, 2021First week of March 2021


  • Bowen, Jerry
  • Collier, Diane
  • Collier, Richard
  • Fitch, Mark
  • Fitch, Michelle
  • Floyd, Leslie
  • Mitchell, Debbie
  • Mitchell, Rick
  • Patton, Robin
  • Wilemon, Brad
  • Wilemon, Tina
  • Wilemon, Tryton
  • Zurawski, Anna
  • Zurawski, Jennifer

Special thanks to all our members Tina, Brad, Brooke and Tryton Wilemon, Michelle and Mark Fitch, Debbie and Rick Mitchell. (and new member Leslie Floyd) Special friend Susan De La Paz.