Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can anyone nominate a litter for the Futurity / Maturity?

A. Yes, nominations are open to all breeders and owners of UKC registered American Eskimos so long as the litter being nominated is owned or co=owned by the person nominating the litter. Membership in NAEDA is not required to nominate a litter

Q. For what year should I nominate a litter?

A. The nomination year is based on the first year a puppy will be eligible to compete at the NAEDA National show. Puppies are eligible at age 6 months. If you expect a litter to be whelped near the dividing line between eligibility for one year versus another, the Futurity Chairman will determine eligibility based on the expected whelp date. If the actual whelp date changes the year of eligibility, the eligibility and nomination number will be reassigned for the litter.

Q. What constitutes a valid nomination?

A. A valid nomination requires 3 elements:

  • A fully completed nomination form received by the Futurity/Maturity Chairman by the nomination deadline
  • A signature by the owner or co-owner of the litter if submitted by mail
  • Full payment for the nomination

Q. What are the nomination deadlines?
A. A litter nomination must be postmarked before the whelp date. The postmark establishes the date of the

Q. What can I do if I am facing a nomination deadline?
A. You can either request a hand cancellation at the post office to establish the postmark or you can fill out the
nomination form and payment by PayPal online on the NAEDA website at The online nomination establishes the postmark based on the later of
either the online nomination or the online payment transfer.

Q. What exceptions are allowed for late nominations?
A. The Futurity/Maturity rules are very clear on this point – there are no exceptions.

Q. Should I send a nomination via Express Mail, Certified Mail or Return Receipt Requested?
A. This is not necessary as the postmark governs eligibility and not the date received.

Q. How will I know when a nomination is accepted and validated?
A. A confirmation will be returned to the nominator with a litter nomination number

Q. Does a litter nomination carry an obligation to nominate puppies?
A. No, you are not obligated to nominate all or any puppies just because the litter was nominated.

Q. Do I need to save the confirmation number that is returned to me?
A. Yes, the litter nomination number is needed to nominate individual puppies.

Q. Can I nominate a puppy or puppies from the litter before I apply for the UKC registration papers?
A. No. Nominations of individual puppies will require a UKC number for each puppy.

Q. What should I do if ownership of the puppy changes after nomination?
A. There is no need to forward changes in ownership.

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