A Look Back In Time at Past & Present National Grand Champions

Fall National Grand Champions – Past and Present

YearDog’s Name & Owner(s)Judge’s Name
2018NBOB NGRCH GRCH ‘PR’ Ahs Siriusdrms Palisade Hechoseme “Arthur Destin”
Denise Randall Miller and Robert A. Miller
Heidi Scheff
2017NBOB NGRCH GRCH ‘PR’ Kiva-Fuji Skys the Limit “Ace”
Heidi Scheff and Vada Binick
Stan Matsumoto
2016NBOB NGRCH GRCH ‘PR’ Pat’s Irish Miracle NCIS Agent “McGee”
Sue O’Donnell and Renee Strong
Tim Parr
2015NBOB NGRCH GRCH ‘PR’ Pat’s Irish Alpine Custom Built “Vinnie”
Sue O’Donnell and Renee Strong
Pamela Perdue
2014NBOB NGRCH GRCH ‘PR’ AH’s SiriusDrms Saratoga Passage “LJ”
Denise Randall Miller and Robert A. Miller
Eleanor Main
2013NBOB NGRCH GRCH ‘PR’ Ah’s Gabriel’s Song of the Trump “Seven”
Lynn A. McClure
Patrick O’Donnell
2012NBOB NGRCH GRCH ‘PR’ Nuutok’s Atka Inukshuk “Inuk”
Sharon Robertson
David Kittridge
2011NBOB NGRCH GRCH ‘PR’ Nrdc Whsprs AWD Challenger “Charlie”
Diane Cowles
Ron Sacca
2010NBOB NTL. GR CH.’PR’Island’s Mystic Stella Blue
Robert Brown/Gregory Mann
Sandra Drake-Phillips
2009NBOB NTL. GR CH.’PR’Sujo’s Kort-Mar Lucky Tahavya
Richard & Eileen Kortemeier
Jeanne Heger
2008NBOB NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Eros’ U Can’t Touch This
Anna & Morey Baughn
Gene Reynolds
2007NBOB NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ AWD Neskowin Prince
Doug Hamilton
Maurice Baughn
2006NBOB NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Eros’ U N V Me
Anna & Morey Baughn
Dick Kortemeier
2005NBOB NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Staker’s Little Bit Of Honey
Judy Jones
Sandra Drake
2004NBOB NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Sycamore’s Apache Snopal
Joyce Ellenbecker
Joseph Allen
2003NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ AWD Timberline Smokey Mtn.
Mary Ellen Eichelberger & Susan Picciano
Eleanor Main
2002NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Pymds R-Tic Jewel Of The Nile
Debi Allen
J.D. McNutt
2001NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Hamilton’s River Of Dreams
Anna Baughn & Morey Baughn
Billie Huggins
2000NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Sierra’s Shakespeare
Robert Baker & Melissa Baker
Patrick O’Donnell
1999NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Staker’s Le Little Bit Of Bear
Owner: C Anne Bishop
Henry “Vic” Buresh
1998NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Jaybar McKinley’s Maggie Too
Owner: Carol A. Nassif
Walter Pasko, Jr.
1997NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Sierra’s Orion
Owner: C Anne Bishop
Richard G. Beauchamp
1996NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Sierra Chip Off The Block
Owners: Debra Mitchell & Rick Mitchell
Karla Cole
1995NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Stevens’ Diamond Sparkle
Owner: Lynda Gagnon
Sandy Comer
1994NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Sierra’s Blockbuster
Owners: Joseph L Allen & Diana L Allen
Richard Kortemeier
1993NTL.GR.CH.’PR’McKees King Jacob
Owners: Gordon Patterson & Dorothy Patterson
Dennis Blickenstaff
1992NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ J-Bar McKinley Xplorer
Owners: Barbara Blackwood & James Blackwood
Henry “Vic” Buresh
1991U-CDX NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Thunderpas Mighty Max
Owner: Talitha Bell
Brenda O’Sullivan
1990NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Sierra’s Panda Bear
Owners: Larry J. Sayer & Charline Dunnigan
Karla Cole
1989NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Steven’s Toybear Apollo
Owners: Rosemary Stevens or Steven Stevens
Dennis Blickenstaff

Spring National Grand Champions – Past

YearDog’s Name & Owner(s)Judges Name
2005GR.CH.’PR’ Eros’s Another Sweet Dream
Owner: Jane Charneco
Jim Jones
2004GR.CH.’PR’ Cir-B’s Snobear’s Aimin’ For The Top
Owners: Jane Wood or Jacque Brothers
Dot Jacobs
2003GR.CH.’PR’ Eros’s U Can’t Touch This
Owners: Maurice Baughn & Anna Baughn
Debbie Mitchell
2002GR.CH.’PR’ Eros Prime Time of Nrdcstr
Owners: Maurice Baughn & Anna Baughn
Fred Bock
2001GR.CH.’PR’ Eros Prime Time of Nrdcstr
Owners: Maurice Baughn & Anna Baughn
Richard Yates
2000GR.CH.’PR’ Hamilton’s Diamond In The Ruff
Owners: Richard Kortemeier & Eileen Kortemeier
J.D. McNutt
1999GR.CH.’PR’ Jaybar Cir-b Phoebe’s Katidid
Owners: Barbara J Blackwood & Jacqueline Brothers
Sandra Sauceda
1998GR.CH.’PR’ Jbar Egyptian Eyes of Pyramid
Owners: Anna G Piro & Maurice L Baughn
J D McNutt
1997GR.CH.’PR’ Hamilton’s River of Dreams
Owners: Anna G. Piro & Maurice L Baughn
Pamela Purdue
1996GR.CH.’PR’ Sierra’s Aristocrat
Owners: Joseph L Allen & Diana L Allen
Billie R. Huggins
1995GR.CH.’PR’ Snobirds Andromeda of Snowfire
Owners: Debbie Ritchie & Richard Ritchie
Eunice Bailey
1994GR.CH.’PR’ Sierra Dances With Wolves
Owners: Joseph L. Allen & Diana L Allen
Sandra L. Drake
1993NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ J-Bar Mckinley Xplorer
Owners: Barbara Blackwood & James Blackwood
Delores Swanberg
1992GR.CH.’PR’ Kort-Mar Golden Nugget
Owner: Eileen Kortemeier
Dennis Blickenstaff
1991GR.CH.’PR’ Cascade Shasta Sno
Owners: Dean McKee or Gloria McKee
Richard Kortemeier
1990NTL.GR.CH.’PR’ Steven’s Toybear Apollo
Owner: Rosemary Stevens or Steven Stevens
Carolyn Kane
1989GR.CH.’PR’ Jay-be’s Regal Apollo
Owner: Brenda O’Sullivan
Sandra Drake

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