As ratified October 24, 2019

1.       Election ballots shall state that candidates will be listed in alphabetical order.  Statement of such to be typed at the top of each ballot.  (10/18/03)

2.       Date of accepted Policies to be included in parenthesis () after each Policy for record and revive purposes.  (10/18/03)

3.       Reduce to writing and define the duties expected of Affiliate Association Presidents (as members of the Board of Directors).   A copy to be sent to each new incoming President of each Affiliate Association by the NAEDA Secretary.  Also a copy of the current NAEDA by-laws and Policies should be sent to all Affiliate Association Presidents.  (10/18/03)

4.       All members of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Advisers to the Board, be kept informed of the business and correspondence of the National Association. (10/19/13)

5.       Ballot Committee sign a “Statement of Truth” that (1) all Ballots are found in order, (2) were not opened or tampered with, (3) to their knowledge were counted true and proper.

6.       NAEDA Secretary must have approval of the NAEDA President on any item, letters, etc. to be sent to NAEDA Membership.

7.       Merit Awards and Certificates of Merit can be awarded for Dog Breeding, Showmanship (Adult and Junior) and Sportsmanship by the NAEDA Executive Committee and Board of Directors.  (10/18/03)

          7-1A 1. Affiliate associations clubs must respond their willingness to host the National Show no later than October 1 of the year two years previous to the national show they are scheduled to host. This means, for example, that a club scheduled to host the 2008 national show must respond no later than October 1, 2006 their intentions. (removed October 24, 2019)
2. If an eligible club declines to host a show, all other clubs within the same geographical area (east or west of the Mississippi River) shall be eligible to make a bid to host the National Show.  These clubs must indicate their desire prior to January 1 of the next year. If more than one club makes a bid, the NAEDA BOD must choose within 15 days which bid is accepted. (removed October 24, 2019)
3. If no club within the geographical area bids to host a show, clubs within the other geographical area shall be eligible to bid. These clubs must indicate their desire prior to April 1of that year. If more than one club makes a bid, the NAEDA BOD must choose within 15 days which bid is accepted. This system should allow a host club to have at least eighteen months to prepare to host the National Show.
(April 30, 2005, removed October 24,2019 and changed to the following:)

          7-1A 1.2.3  Odd years the National will host in conjunction with Gateway Nationals at Purina Farms, Grey Summit, MO, even years the National will rotate through the clubs in rotation schedule order (the even years that club must host the National within their assigned territory).  (October 24, 2019)

8.       Merit Awards and Certificates of Merit can be awarded to persons who have shown outstanding and dedicated service to the NAEDA.  Guidelines should be set up by the NAEDA Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. (10/18/03)

9.       To purchase a full line of Awards and Ribbons in the amount as determined by the body at the Annual Meeting.  (10/18/03) 

10.     Any person who wishes to make a motion, second a motion, or discuss pending matters in any meeting of the association should identify themselves for the record for the purpose of accuracy of the minutes. (10/18/03)

11.     The Stud Books of the American Eskimo Dog will be “Closed” by this Association until 2025.  (10/23/10)

                    11-1E Affiliate Association Clubs must stay in good standing with NAEDA in order to be eligible to host the National Show. Good standing means that clubs must maintain at least five paid members of NAEDA and that all club officers and directors must be members of NAEDA in good standing.  If a club goes 12 months without coming into compliance, the club no longer exists and must reapply to UKC and NAEDA for recognition. When the club is again recognized they will go to the bottom of the list in eligibility to host a National Show. (April 30, 2005)

12.     Establish a standing finance and budget committee to oversee the finances of the organization. Motion by Diana Allen and seconded by Sherry Meyers. Description of policy with Bob’s permission – This policy is to establish a standing committee to oversee the finances of the organization. The job description of this committee would be to look at expenses and income and suggest a budget to be voted on by the General Membership. This committee would look at those items in greater depth than the rest of us and look at ways to raise additional funds for programs our members believe are important. The committee would be made up of 5 regular members with the treasurer, at least two club presidents and at least one member from the general membership and one Executive Board Member. Additionally, the president would be an advisory, nonvoting member. This would not be an audit committee but would work with the treasurer if there are questions. New expenditures of greater than $1000 in excess of items already in the budget must require review by this committee to make sure the program is financially feasible. Two members would be selected annually by the BOD for a two year term. The Treasurer would not be the chairperson.  (Committee was voted to be deleted in October, 2014)

13.     National File retention periods are as follows ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes ‑      Held Permanently

General Membership Meeting Minutes ‑ Held Permanently

Financial Records‑                               7 years

Show Reports‑                                     1 year

All other Records‑                                 5 years

The Determination of Record Elimination will be done by a Committee of at least three members of the Executive Committee.  (10/21/89)

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