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The NAEDA newsletter,The Scoop, is issued 4 times a year and is mailed to members. An on-line version is available the the quarter after publication. Black and White "news only" versions are mailed in March and October. Color copies are mailed in June and December. These color editions contain ads in either black & white or color as well as other items that are more than just NAEDA "news". These color editions will be on-line in FULL color the following quarter after publication. 

Advertising in the Newsletter is a great way to share news of your dogs, breedings, successes,and kennel happenings. Advertising copy is due to the Publisher no later than the tenth day of the month for that particular newsletter.

Due Dates for Submittal:                                            Advertising Rates:

Spring - March 10                                                      Full color page - $45.00
Summer - June 10                                                     Full Black & White page - $15.00
Fall - September 10                                                  
Winter - December 10                                             

Please submit all photos in jpg format at 300dpi. Be warned that if you submit as a pdf there is the possibility of some reduction in quality. Advertisements do not need to be copy ready as ads can be created for you at no cost, however, photos must follow the above criteria and written copy should be included. All ads will be sent as proofs for final approval. Submit advertisements and articles to The Scoop, editor.

Don't forget the Rainbow Bridge if you've lost a furry loved one. There is no charge for these ads.



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